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In a small hot glass studio in Western Montana in 2001, the paths of Julia (Boriss) and Robin Rogers intersected and eventually merged. At this shop, called Cloud Cap Glass, their friendship grew and their glass practices began to overlap. They both became part owners of the studio and worked together, operating the small business and creating glass works.


In pursuit of Master of Fine Art degrees, the couple decided to leave their beloved Montana in 2005. They re-envisioned their glass studio and created a trailer-mounted portable shop. With their tools, dogs and one year old son packed up, they set out for Southern Illinois. For professional opportunities, the glassy family has lived in Carbondale, Illinois; Bowling Green, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; and Norfolk, Virginia.


In 2010, after nearly ten years of working together and assisting with each other's work, the duo decided to start creating artwork collaboratively. In these bodies of work, every step of the process, from conception to installing, is completed by both artists. This method of working has led to the creation of artwork that Julia and Robin are excited to make and proud to exhibit. Through the synergy of this collaboration, the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.










We are enlivened by the inherent qualities of molten glass; its luminosity, viscosity, and seductive flow.  Our interdisciplinary approach incorporates blown and sculpted glass with electronics, sound, light, shadow, and a host of other materials. Inspiration is around us all, our work isspecifically driven by humanity, nature, science, and music. Collaboratively, we meld our ideas into, what hopefully are, contemplative, intriguing, and thought provoking works. In addition to sculpture, we create installation and performance..     


Some of our series include, “Animalia Fantastica,” “Sentient & Sapient,” and “Architecture of the Mind.”  “Animalia Fantastica” is a series of blown/sculpted anthropomorphic glass figures.  Since the advent of human expression, animalia has been a driving source of inspiration. In fact, the oldest cave paintings depict animals and the hunt. This narrative continues in “Animalia Fantastica” touching on nourishment and sustainability.  “Sentient & Sapient” is a series of blown glass heads with mixed media that delves into our subject’s psyche.  These pieces physically and metaphorically open up to reveal the interior workings of the mind.  In “Architecture of the Mind,” heads are turned into buildings and the occupants and history of these buildings tell the story of the subject. Looking through the windows the dynamics of life are ever present.


With performance and installation, we are able to broaden our ideas, creating a larger picture. Ideas of collective conscious, life cycles, perception, and an advancing technological civilization are prevalent in this work.  In the “Journey,” a performance, using a video projected and reflected in a pool of water, we tell a story that begins in a modern, active city in the rain and takes viewers backward through time to the beginning of all life on earth.  We use hot glass in this piece to represent the primordial ooze where life first emerged.


We are two artists living, breathing, and working together.  Our minds never stop imagining the possibilities of what can be explored, discovered, shared, and executed.